Welcome to Cosmopolitan Linen Service

We are your local provider of rental table linens. We provide high quality napkins, tablecloths, aprons, kitchen towels, kitchen mats, logo mats, and embroidered chef wear. Our quality control is second-to-none. Our delivery staff is trained to become familiar with your particular requirements. We are available for any special needs seven days a week.

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Chicago, IL  
tel: 773.254.6100  


You go to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of your dining experience is perfect. Don't let the quality of your table linens ruin the reputation you've worked so hard to establish.

Unlike other linen companies that cater to health care and hospitality industries, we specialize in providing quality linens to restaurants and country clubs only.

  • Service and availability 7 days a week
  • Each piece individually inspected
  • Plants and product type designed for the Fine Dining Establishment/Country Club customer
  • Chef coats embroidered in-house
  • Management and route personnel available via cell phones
  • Full deliveries, On-time, Everytime
  • Hand held Route Computers
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Our Reputation Is On Your Table